Health News Magazine - Summer 2016

Health News Magazine Summer 2016

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In This Issue:
The Birthplace
Summer 2016

"They Made it Truly Special for Us"

Surprise legacy birth at the BirthPlace at St. Mary's Regional Medical Center.
Colds and Allergies
Summer 2016

Your Child's Sneeze - Allergy or Cold?

You just got back from the pool and your child has a runny nose for the fourth day in a row. Could it be seasonal allergies? Or is it just a cold?
Joint Replacement Surgery
Summer 2016

Joint Replacement Surgery - Is it Right for You?

Edgar A. Fike, IV, MD, an Orthopedic Surgeon with the Joint Replacement Institute at St. Mary's Regional Medical Center, answers some frequently asked questions.
Strength Training Benefits
Summer 2016

Strength Training Benefits - Exercises to Get You Started

Summer activities like gardening or tennis can be great for your overall wellbeing. But they can also leave you a little sore or even injured if your body isn’t ready.