Health News Magazine - Winter 2016

Health News Magazine Winter 2016

Health News Online is a comprehensive online publication - updated regularly - that offers health information, safety tips and other information that can help enhance the health and well being of residents of northwest Oklahoma.

In This Issue:
Getting Treatment for Sleep Apnea
Winter 2016

Getting Treatment for Sleep Apnea

Participating in a sleep study is the first step in diagnosing sleep apnea.
Open Heart Surgery
Winter 2016

Change of Heart Cardiac Rehabilitation

Debbie Bell made it back from heart disease and open-heart surgery, thanks to the St. Mary's Change of Heart cardiac rehabilitation program.
Regular Screenings
Winter 2016

Detecting Disease at the Earliest Stages

Regular check-ups and health screenings are proven ways to prevent certain conditions and diseases.
Mental Health
Winter 2016

Inpatient Mental Health Care

Resilience Behavioral Health is an inpatient unit providing mental health treatment for adults with depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.