A Conversation with Orthopedic Surgeon Edgar Fike - Part 2

Edgar Fike, MD, orthopedic surgeon at St. Mary's Regional Medical Center, answers some of the most common questions people have about whether joint replacement surgery is right for their particular situation. There are six short videos in total (less than two minutes each) - three below and three on this page. Watch them each to get a better understanding about hip or knee replacement, how to choose a doctor, how much pain to expect and what recovery looks like.

How much have orthopedic surgeries changed and improved?

Edgar Fike, MD, Q & A, Video No. 4

What are the risks with hip and knee replacements?

Edgar Fike, MD, Q & A, Video No. 5

What types of assistive devices will I need after joint replacement surgery?

Edgar Fike, MD, Q & A, Video No. 6