St. Mary's Outpatient Rehab Staff Helps Man Recover Use of His Leg

When Bill Stanley fell off of a flatbed trailer and landed on a shipping crate, he broke his left leg in six places, shattered sections of the bone and was told that he might lose his leg.

Bill Stanley of Enid, Oklahoma, went from a wheelchair to a walker to walking on his own after undergoing rehabilitation at the St. Mary's Regional Medical Center, Center for Rehabilitation.

It happened just after dark. Bill, an Enid resident and long-time truck driver, had just arrived at his destination in Alliance, Nebraska with a load of train motors. As he was unloading his freight, Bill was knocked off balance and fell off of the back of his trailer. When he struck a shipping crate during his fall, the tibial plateau in his leg was shattered, The tibial plateau is the top of the tibia that forms part of the knee. "I was in pain at first," says Bill. "Then my whole leg just went numb and felt like it was bleeding. But there was no blood."

From the Ambulance to Surgery

Bill was transferred by ambulance and helicopter to a hospital in Denver, Colorado, where the medical staff stabilized his knee with screws and an external fixator, a device made from rods and pins that immobilizes a fractured bone. He was then transferred by airplane from the hospital in Denver to a hospital in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for additional surgery to repair his leg. After two-and-a-half hours of surgery and several weeks of recovery, Bill was ready to begin rehabilitation so he could regain the use of his left leg.

In late late 2014, Bill arrived at the St. Mary's Regional Medical Center, Center for Rehabilitation, ready to get started. At first, he needed a wheelchair or a walker to move around on his own. After 12 rehabilitation therapy sessions at St. Mary's Center for Rehabilitation, he was able to walk with a cane.

Focusing on His Goals

Bill likes to cook, so one of his goals was to be able to stand at a stove, so the therapists at St. Mary's focused on helping him regain range of motion, his balance and how to compensate by using his uninjured right leg.

"It took me three months to put weight on my left leg," he says. Bill's expectations were to be able to walk again. He has accomplished that goal, and as his rehab continues at St. Mary’s, he's been able to resume driving and cooking again. "Rehab got me mobile and got me cooking, and I can walk without assistance and drive myself to therapy now.”

Grateful for His Care at St. Mary's

"If you had to rate St. Mary’s therapists from one to 10, I’d rate them a 20." he says. "They are very kind — they don’t push you harder than what you can handle. I couldn’t brag on them enough.”

In addition to guiding him through the physical aspects of his rehabilitation, the staff at St. Mary's Center for Rehabilitation helped Bill keep his spirits high and kept him from getting down in the dumps whenever he started to think about his injuries. “We’d get talking about NASCAR® or something else and I’d get my mind clear of it,” he says. “I think a lot of it is what we [the therapists and I] have gone through together," continues Bill. "The therapists have helped me just as much emotionally as physically. I’m not stuck in the house all day long and it gives me something to look forward to.”