Relearning the Basics at St. Mary's Rehabilitation Institute

During a simple game of chess with his sons, Randy Caywood, 41, felt the left side of his body go numb. "I went to the couch because I could barely walk,"Randy says. "I knew what was happening to me. My mother called 911." Randy, a single father of three, knew he was having a stroke. Randy had X-rays taken at a local hospital, was told he had a stroke that resolved on its own and was sent home. "The next day, I struggled to speak and walk," he says. Randy went to yet another hospital, where he stayed for seven days.

Choosing St. Mary's

"When it came time for rehab, my doctor said that St. Mary’s was a better facility than others. Since it was also closer to home and my family, I chose the Rehabilitation Institute at St. Mary’s."

Watch Randy Caywood describe his experiences at The Rehabilitation Institute at St. Mary's Regional Medical Center.

The physical and occupational therapists at the Rehabilitation Institute of St. Mary's Regional Medical Center helped Randy relearn activities of daily living. They focused on helping him regain his balance because he had difficulty controlling his upper body. To help him regain his ability to speak well, Randy worked with speech therapists. Randy says he felt comfortable at St. Mary’s. “The nurses were like family,” he says. “When my kids came to visit, they treated them like their own.”

Staying Motivated

“Our plan centered around his family,” says Lori McMillin, director of the St. Mary's Regional Medical Center Rehabilitation Institute. “He was motivated to go home to his kids.” St. Mary’s helped Randy pull through some of the toughest months of his life and now, he’s back to being “dad.” Randy takes walks with his children now, using only a cane, has resumed driving and is volunteering at a church daycare center. “I was paralyzed on my left side. I was scared,” he says. “St. Mary’s taught me to work at it and to believe in getting better. They said if you keep repeating it in your brain, you can do it."

"The most helpful thing about St. Mary’s Rehabilitation Institute, to me, is the positive attitude there," says Randy. "No matter what, it was always positive. They seem more like family than doctors, nurses and therapists. And they have a good sense of humor. I am proud to have them close by. I know that if I ever have a problem, I can go there and someone will listen to me and help me."

To learn about whether the St. Mary's Regional Medical Center Rehabilitation Institute is right for you or a family member, call 580-548-5001. Healthcare providers referring a patient may call the same number.