Faster Recovery with Less Pain

Minimally invasive robotic surgery often results in less pain, scarring, trauma and blood loss than other surgical procedures, which can lead to a quicker recovery. Hear from a few of our patients as they share their stories of having robotic surgery at St. Mary's.

Chelsea Bugg

Chelsea had gallstones and needed surgery. As the mother of a newborn, it was very important to her to get back to feeling like herself again very quickly, which is why she chose robotic surgery at St. Mary's.

Jaycee Perry

When Jaycee found out she needed surgery to repair a hernia, she just knew there was only one place she needed to go, and that was St. Mary's.

Victor Perez

Victor opted for robotic surgery to repair a rupture in his colon caused by diverticulitis. He had a great experience at St. Mary's.