St. Mary's Regional Medical Center Leadership

Krista Roberts, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer

Anthony Rodebush, FACHE
Chief Operating Officer

David Jamin, FACHE
Chief Financial Officer

Rachelle Burleson, DNP, APRN-CNS
Chief Nursing Officer

J. Michael Pontious, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Martha Syms, RN
Director of Patient Safety/Risk

Board of Governors

Jim Strate

David E. Keller, MD
Vice Chair

Joe Snodgrass, MD,
Chief of Staff

Edgar A. Fike, IV, MD
Vice Chief of Staff

Samantha Moery, DO

Darrell Floyd

John Berg

Sandra Robinet

James D. Stough, DPM

Sharon Trojan

J. Michael Pontious, MD, CMO

Rachelle Burleson, CNO

Krista Roberts, CEO

Frank Lopez
UHS Regional Vice President