When Your Child is in the Hospital


When your child has a hospital stay at St. Mary's Regional Medical Center, we want to make the process as comfortable as possible for the entire family. Below is basic information on hospital operations, rules and what to expect when your child is in the hospital.


The parent or guardian who remains with a child under the age of 13 or who actively assists in the patient's care will be provided a courtesy tray at the child's mealtimes. Meals can also be brought from home.


Bath basins and soap are provided for patients' bed baths. Parents are welcome to use the private shower located on 3 North. Linens are also available.

Telephone Use

Dial "8" from the phone in your child's room to get an outside line. To place calls to your child's room, dial the main hospital number, 580-233-6100 and give the room number to the operator. Or, callers can directly contact the patient's room by dialing 580-249-9 plus the 3-digit room number. Cell phone use is permitted any time.


Family members or friends with signs of an infection, including a cold, should not visit the child in the hospital. If healthy, parents and grandparents are welcome at any time. Children under the age of 13 are discouraged from visiting a patient who is under isolation precautions.

Sleeping Arrangements

A sleep chair or recliner will be provided for one parent or grandparent to stay the night with a patient. Siblings are discouraged from spending the night.


The Pediatric Unit is not a locked unit. One parent, guardian or designated adult must be in attendance at all times. You are required to notify your nurse when leaving a child unattended and for making arrangements for a responsible adult to be in attendance. Pictures will be taken of all children under the age of 13. The unit has 24-hour video surveillance.

Preventing Accidental Injury

The side rails of your child's crib or hospital bed are helpful in preventing injury. Your child must be inside the bed with the rails elevated any time the child is unattended, even for a moment. For children old enough to stand, the side rails must be all the way up. Your nurse will show you how to use the side rails.

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