Patient Testimonials

Hear from patients who've received care at St. Mary's Regional Medical Center:

In Our Patients' Words - Harper, RN

In Our Patients' Words - Shelley, RN

Victor Perez - Robotic Surgery

Jaycee Perry - Robotic Surgery

Chelsea Bugg - Robotic Surgery

Troy Crowley - Joint Replacement Institute

Larry LeCrone - Cardiac Rehabilitation

In Our Patients' Words

We asked our nurses to read the comments and reviews we received from patients about their care. And this is what happened.

Harper, RN

Shelley, RN

Robotic Surgery

Victor Perez

Victor Perez had robotic surgery at St. Mary's after diverticulitis caused a rupture in his colon.

Robotic Surgery

Jaycee Perry

Jaycee Perry had robotic surgery at St. Mary's to repair a hernia.

Robotic Surgery

Chelsea Bugg

Chelsea Bugg had robotic surgery at St. Mary's after finding out she had gallstones.

Joint Replacement Institute

Troy Crowley

Troy Crowley underwent a successful knee replacement at St. Mary's after several surgeries did not resolve his pain.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Larry LeCrone

After undergoing bypass surgery, Larry LeCrone began cardiac rehabilitation at St. Mary's.