Patient Testimonials

Hear from patients who've received care at St. Mary's Regional Medical Center:

Troy Crowley - Joint Replacement Institute

Judy Gettings - Joint Replacement Institute

Kristy Skidmore - Women's Services

The McIntyre Family - The BirthPlace

Marion Wanzer - Rehabilitation Institute

Randy Caywood - Rehabilitation Institute

Jack Beam - Center for Rehabilitation

Bill Stanley - Center for Rehabilitation

Debbie Bell - Cardiac Rehabilitation

Joint Replacement Institute

Troy Crowley

Troy Crowley underwent a successful knee replacement at St. Mary's after several surgeries did not resolve his pain.

Joint Replacement Institute

Judy Gettings

Judy Gettings was disabled by knee pain. She finally opted to get her left knee replaced, and then her right knee, at St. Mary's.

Women's Services

Kristy Skidmore

Surgery at St. Mary's helped Kristy Skidmore stay active and get back to her daily routine.

The BirthPlace

The McIntyre Family

The McIntyre family chose St. Mary's when it came time to deliver their second child after the attentive care they received during the first pregnancy.

Rehabilitation Institute

Marion Wanzer

Marion Wanzer was nearly incapacitated by a stroke. The team at St. Mary's Rehabilitation helped him regain his independence.



Rehabilitation Institute

Randy Caywood

Randy rehabbed at St. Mary's after having a stroke.

Center for Rehabilitation

Jack Beam

Jack Beam wanted to play golf without pain. Rehab from St. Mary's helped him recover from shoulder surgery and get back on the course.

Center for Rehabilitation

Bill Stanley

Following an accident and extensive surgery, Billy turned to St. Mary's Rehabilitation program to help him return to his routine.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Debbie Bell

After undergoing bypass surgery, Debbie Bell began cardiac rehabilitation at St. Mary's.