Mammograms Matter in Beating Breast Cancer

October 09, 2018
St. Marry's Regional Medical Center - Newsletter Fall 2018 - Mammograms Matter

3D mammography is available at St. Mary’s to help detect cancer earlier, when it is more treatable.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in American women, except for skin cancers, according to the American Cancer Society (ACS). Finding, diagnosing and treating cancer early are key to surviving this disease. According to the ACS, the five-year relative survival rate for women with stage 0 or stage I breast cancer is close to 100 percent; and for women with stage II breast cancer, the five-year relative survival rate is about 93 percent.

The Women’s Imaging Center at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center offers a comprehensive range of services for the early detection of breast cancer, including 3D mammography, also called tomosynthesis digital mammography. This type of screening is different from standard mammography because it takes multiple images of the breast at various levels and provides more detail. This can help make it easier to identify abnormalities, and is particularly useful for evaluating dense breast tissue. It can also reduce the number of callbacks for repeat testing.

Other services at the Women’s Imaging Center include breast ultrasound, which is a noninvasive, non-radiation examination that uses sound waves to detect disease and locate possible abnormalities in breast tissue. It also may be used to help guide doctors during a breast biopsy. Breast biopsies are used to remove cells from suspicious areas to definitively tell if cancer is present.

Patients who receive a cancer diagnosis can receive supportive outpatient treatment at St. Mary’s Cancer Center, which opened in 2017 to fill an essential need for care in the community. The compassionate and highly skilled team of physicians and staff at the Cancer Center provide diagnosis and consultation; medical oncology and hematology; personalized treatment plans; and infusions, transfusions and chemotherapy. From screening and diagnostic services to individualized cancer care, St. Mary’s is committed to providing the resources patients need right here in Enid, close to home.

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