Health News Magazine August 2019

Health News Magazine Summer 2019 (August)

Health News Online is a comprehensive online publication that offers health information, safety tips and other information that can help enhance the health and well being of residents of northwest Oklahoma.

In This Issue:
Fruits and Veggies
Summer 2019 (August)

Disease and your diet

Research continues to show a link between certain foods and your risk of diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease and many others. A key factor is a condition called chronic inflammation, which can occur for years inside your body without you even realizing it.
Victor and Dr. Bozeman
Summer 2019 (August)

Defeating diverticulitis

Victor Perez used to worry about the possible complications of diverticular disease, but he can now put those concerns behind him since getting treated at St. Mary's.
blood glucose meter
Summer 2019 (August)

Could you or someone you love have diabetes?

The American Diabetes Association® reports that an estimated 100,000 people in Oklahoma have diabetes and don’t know it. Many more people have already been diagnosed.
stay hydrated
Summer 2019 (August)

Health briefs

Learn more about how to sleep better, cardiac care, how to stay hydrated, and preventing skin cancer.