What to Expect

You will be scheduled to speak with or see the pre-operative nurse before the scheduled surgery date. The pre-op nurse will review your medical information including medications. It is essential that the doctor and anesthesiologist know the medications you are taking, including over-the-counter supplements. Please bring a list of your medications or your medication bottles to your pre-op appointment.

After reviewing your medical information, the pre-op nurse will provide important information regarding your surgery.

The day of your surgery, you will be asked to arrive two to three hours before your scheduled surgery time. During this time period, an IV will be started and the necessary preparation for surgery will be completed. The anesthesiologist and doctor will also visit with you.

Once the patient leaves for surgery, family members will be able to track the surgery's progress in the waiting room. The nurse will also provide updates. When the surgery has been completed, the doctor will speak to the family in one of our consultation rooms. After the doctor has talked to the family, they may meet the patient in the assigned post-op room.

If you have questions concerning your scheduled surgery at St. Mary’s, please contact one of the pre-op nurses at 580-249-3039 or 580-249-3009.