Payment Option for Uninsured Expectant Mothers

Pre-Pay Maternity

The Pre-Pay Maternity Package at St. Mary’s Regional Regional Medical Center was created to help reduce the cost of hospital services for childbirth for expectant mothers who do not have insurance and are not covered by Medicaid or any other health plan.

St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center is able to offer this lower cost alternative because payment is completed before admission. That means the hospital can save expenses in billing and record keeping, and pass this savings along to you.

Plan Costs

The two pre-pay plans and their costs are as follow:

  1. Plan 1 (normal vaginal delivery): $3,250
  2. Plan 2 (scheduled Cesarean): $5,675

These payments cover all hospital charges routinely incurred at the time of your child's birth. Professional fees for your physicians, as well as charges for hospital epidural services, will be billed separately. Pre-payment does not cover treatment for any extreme medical conditions, conditions unrelated to pregnancy or services you may have received prior to being admitted for delivery. The cost of the plan is based on normal, uncomplicated cases.

If you are expecting twins or triplets, you can still use the pre-pay package program, with an additional cost of $456 per day each for the second and third child. Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or special care nursery services are not included in the package price.

Unforseen C-section

If you are planning on a normal, vaginal delivery and find you need a Cesarean delivery, the package price for a Cesarean delivery may apply. The amount you have paid in advance will be applied toward the total cost.

If you choose to stay longer than the plan allows, you will be charged $504 per day for the additional stay. Payment for the difference is required at the time of discharge. St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center’s package prices will cover normal charges up to three times greater than the selected package price. Charges greater than three times the package price will be billed to you. Package prices through St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center are significantly lower than charges at comparable facilities across the country.

Program Registration

To use either of our pre-payment plans, download and print out our PDF brochure and fill out the application form. Mail it to:

Admitting Department
St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center
305 S. 5th Street
Enid, OK 73701

It is best to enroll in the program early in the second trimester in order to complete all arrangements well before your expected delivery date. Payment may be made in full at the time you sign up for your plan, or you may pay with a series of monthly installments. Payment must be complete before you are admitted for childbirth, or the package price will be eliminated and you will be billed actual hospital charges. St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center will be happy to work out a monthly payment schedule based on the particular plan selected. Call us at 580-249-3054 to get started or to ask any questions.