Reduces Dizziness, Imbalance and Falling

The Balance Enhancement Safety Training (BEST) program at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center is a specialized therapy program dedicated to helping people who have problems with balance, dizziness or falls.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call the Center for Rehabilitation at 580-237-8278.

Balance is Vital

Having good balance control is vital to performing many daily life activities, like getting up from a chair and standing, dressing, bathing, housekeeping, yard work and grocery shopping. Just about everything you do in your daily life — whether it’s for self-care, work or leisure — requires good balance control.

Impact of Balance Problems and Dizziness

When balance problems or dizziness develop, they can cause profound disruptions in your daily life. In addition to increased risk for falls, balance disorders and dizziness can shorten your attention span, cause excessive fatigue and restrict your participation in typical activities, leading to loss of muscle strength, endurance, independence and socialization.

Talk to Your Doctor

The process of balance control is complex and relies on the integration of multiple sensor and motor systems to work properly. This complexity can make it difficult to determine the exact cause of balance problems and dizziness.

Talking with your doctor is the best way to start understanding your specific balance problems. He or she will examine you and determine what underlying medical conditions may be contributing to your problems with balance, dizziness or falling.

Specialized Therapy

Your doctor may refer you to a balance specialist, a qualified professional who is equipped and trained to assess and treat balance, dizziness and mobility problems. Specialized therapy for balance issues is available through the BEST program at the Center for Rehabilitation at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center.